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Tagging the latest version of previously tagged files in CVS

February 10, 2006 | 1 Minute Read

Some time ago a set of files ware committed to CVS repository and tagged (lets say with TAG1) . These files have changed a few times since then. Today I needed to tag the latest versions of all files that have ever been tagged TAG1 with TAG2.


cvs -Q log -R -S -rTAG1 .

gave me the files I was looking for but with /cvsroot/ in front and ,v at the end


so I had to remove it

cvs -Q log -R -S -rTAG1 . | sed s#/cvsroot/## | sed s#,v#\#

now I could actually retag these files

cvs -q tag TAG2 `cvs -Q log -R -S -rTAG1 . | sed s#/cvsroot/## | sed s#,v#\#`

It did the job but I think it's quite ugly way of doing such a "simple" operation.
There must be a another (simpler | non *nix specific) way!